The Wisdom of Bees, Michael O’Malley (2010)

First published: 2010.
Library copy published: 2010.

The Wisdom of Bees, Michael O’Malley

“When the time comes for swift action, there is no mistaking the criterion used in determining who stays and who goes: the level of contribution to the group. When it comes to merit, the dictum of honeybees is “If you want to eat the honey, you must contribute to the hive”: a reasonable admonishment to anyone in the corporate world charged with getting results.” p. 26

“There is a pervasive sense of comfort knowing that the Queen is in and all is well within the kingdom. A strong, positive culture requires strong leadership. In those situations when people do not play by the rules, the leader must step in to underscore the value of community.” p. 34

“Bees exhibit a worldview that we correspondingly would describe as fair, open-minded, and objective.” p. 114

“The queen’s ability to lead is determined ultimately by the minions, a truth unfortunately lost in many organizations. Leadership depends on the consent of the people to follow. In the instance of bees, the voice of the workers is loud and clear.” p. 122