The Social Organisation of Honeybees, John B. Free (1977)

First published: 1977.
Library copy published: 1977.

The Social Organisation of Honeybees, John B. Free

“However, the honeybee’s conspicuous social organisation and the altruistic and apparently complex behaviour displayed by individuals have undoubtedly been the main reasons why it has received so much attention, with the result that there is a greater volume of literature on the honeybee than on any other insect.” Preface

“It has become increasingly apparent that the activities of the members of a colony are related to colony needs, but the mechanism by which adjustments are made are far from understood. Much research needs to be done before it is known why a particular bee does a particular task, and how the actions of the thousands of physically independent but physiologically dependent individuals are welded together to make a colony function as a coherent whole.” p. 67