The Queen Must Die, William Longwood (1985)

First published: 1985.
Library copy published: 1985.

The Queen Must Die, William Longwood

“This is a completely socialistic society, the direct opposite of the competitiveness and spirit of individual advantage that govern most human societies. No goods are owned privately. The collective wealth is the pooled honey in the combs and dedication to a common goal. The individual bee owns nothing, and owes full allegiance to the colony. In exchange she is provided a place to live and work while she is a productive member of the community.” p. 13

“Despite all the research and study, the millions of words written, this remains the most abiding and perplexing secret of the hive. Who really does run thing around here? Is there some consensus of the entire colony, arrived at by a secret or unknown democratic process or congress? Is it autocratic rule imposed by a domineering individual? By a small group of super bees, a kind of ruling committee or politburo? If so, how is the head bee on the executive committee appointed or elected? How does and individual or group gain control and assert its self designated rule? What is the mechanism for the transfer of power?” p. 173