The Mason Bees, Jean-Henri Fabre (1914)

First published: 1914.
Library copy published: 1916.

The Mason Bees, Jean-Henri Fabre

“The Sicilian Mason-bee prefers company to a solitary life and establishes herself in her hundreds, very often in many thousands, under the tiles of a shed or the edge of a roof. These do not constitute a true society, with common interests to which all attend, but a mere gathering, where each works for herself and is not concerned with the rest, in short, a throng of workers recalling the swarm of hive only by their numbers and their eagerness.” p. 26

“To Devote our attention to animals is to plunge at once into the vexed question of who we are and whence we come.” p.160

“We are incapable of knowing ourselves; what will it be if we try to fathom the intellect of others? Let us be content if we succeed in gleaning a few grains of truth.” p. 160