The Lore of The Honey-Bee, Tickner Edwardes (1908)

First published: 1908.
Library copy published: 1911.

The Lore of The Honey-Bee, Tickner Edwardes

“Order is preserved, public works go diligently forward, the clock of the national progress keeps time to the second, not because there is a central wisdom-force to plan, to govern, to awe recalcitrants, but because every worker-bee is herself the State in miniature, all propensities alien to the pure collective spirit having been long ago bred out of her by the sheer necessities of her case.” p. 89

“The truth is that the queen bee is the very reverse of a monarch, both by nature and inclination. … In a dozen different ways she is inferior to the common worker-bees, who rule her absolutely, mapping out her entire daily life and using her for the good of the colony, just as a delicate, costly piece of mechanism is used by human craftsmen to produce some necessary article of trade.” p. 67