The Humble-Bee, F. W. L. Sladen (1912)

First published: 1912.
Library copy published: 1989.

The Humble-Bee, F. W. L. Sladen

“Fanciful writers have likened a colony of bees to a kingdom or city: in reality it is an ordinary family, although a large one. There is the mother, whom we call the queen; and who lays the eggs. Her daughters, the workers, do not become independent as soon as they are old enough to be useful, but, as has been remarked, devote their energies to supporting the family and rearing their younger brothers and sisters.” p. 4

“It may be observed that the centre of attraction and affection in a colony of humble-bees is not the queen nor the food, but the brood, the future representatives of the race, and especially that which is soon to emerge.” p. 215