The Feminine Monarchy, Charles Butler (1609)

First published: 1609.
Library copy published: 1969.

The Feminine Monarchy, Charles Butler

“Their order is such that they may well be said to have a common wealth, since all they do is common without any private respect. Nihil norunt nisi commune: They work for all, they watch for all, they fight for all … Their dwelling and diet are common to all alike: they have like common care both of their wealth and young ones. And all this under the government of one Monarch, of whom above all things they have a principal care and respect, loving reverencing, and obeying her in all things.” c.1 a.1

“For the Bees abhorre as well polyarchie, as anarchie, God having showed in them an express pattern of a perfect Monarchie, the most natural & absolute form of government.” c.1. a.3