Communication Among Social Bees, Martin Landauer (1961)

First published: 1961.
Library copy published: 1971.

Communication Among Social Bees, Martin Landauer

“IN THE LAST ANALYSIS, all animals are social beings. They are all obliged to form at least temporary alliances, in order to ensure the continuity of their species.” p. 1

“Division of labor was probably the first step leading from the hermit existence of the solitary bees to the foundation of a social organization.” p. 5

“In the honeybee community, the social structure and the division of labor has been developed to a high state of perfection.” p. 8

“The bee spent a surprisingly large part of her life loafing. … But if anyone thinks we should now revise our old ideas of the bee’s industry, they must be reminded that among the bees even laziness has an important social function. The loafers in the beehive are the reserve troops, employed at critical points in the labor market as the necessity arises.” p. 19

“Who makes the decision? Upon what aspects will the decision depend? To make one thing clear at the beginning, the queen has no say in the matter.“ p. 46