All Kinds of Bees, Dorothy Shuttlesworth (1967)

First published: 1967.
Library copy published: 1967.

All Kinds of Bees, Dorothy Shuttlesworth

“ “Long live the queen!” If honeybee could have a slogan, this might well be it, for a queen is all-important to a colony. It would have no future without her.” p.15

“Despite her high-sounding title, the queen bee is not a ruler in any way.” p.17

“Bumblebees are known also as humblebees, but there is nothing especially humble about them.” p. 30

“Because some solitary bees nest close together, in great numbers, they appear to live like social bees. However they do not work together as a colony does. … Each bee fends for herself and takes no notice of her neighbours unless the whole group is threthened. Then the insects fly at the intruder in a united and infuriated swarm.” p. 39